last update: 19-08-2017



As an organization with a noble motive to help fellow human beings, our mission and vision is defined:




MAHAK is an organization established with the superior motive to serve humankind on pediatric cancer nationally and internationally with particular functionality in areas of charity, medical care, and research. Offering comprehensive service to children with cancer and their families as charitable endeavor, providing most advanced and effective treatment services while observing international Charter of Patient’s Rights, and undertaking scientific research to contribute to identifying the causes of childhood cancer, and preferred methods of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment comprise the mission of this organization. MAHAK is a non-profit, non-political, and nongovernmental charity organization dependent exclusively on public support materialized through fundraising and humanitarian assistance in the form of cash and in-kind, goods, services and technical expertise. Volunteers and employees work hand-in-hand to make sure humanitarian objectives are met to the highest standards. By addressing pediatric cancer in this manner, MAHAK is promoting the noble motive of helping fellow human being. Transparency, appreciation, and accountability are the most valued principles for MAHAK.





MAHAK steadfastly supports parents with cancer-stricken children.  MAHAK ensures that no child with cancer is ever refused treatment due to insufficient financial means.
With the aim to provide the highest standards in accountability, transparency, and appreciation, MAHAK will be the most trusted organization for individual and institutional benefactors and will therefore serve as a model for implementation and evaluation of programs for national and international humanitarian organizations.  In terms of multi-functionality and quality of departmental service, MAHAK will be among the top five institutions of its kind globally.