last update: 12-11-2019



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Soroush was officially discharged from the hospital and he could go home, but he asked his mom to stay till he makes the domino in MAHAK's playroom. After building MAHAK domino he left the hospital cheerfully. During his first days at MAHAK, he didn't like the playroom and said that all the games there are boring. The psychologists talked to him to find about his interests. Then he finally said he was fond of dominoes and he made dominoes at home. So, on his day of discharge in order to provide a situation for Soroush to have a happy time, the playroom floor was disinfected and all the dominoes in MAHAK were there for him to make a MAHAK domino and enjoy the time he spends in the playroom. After building the domino Soroush left the hospital cheerfully.

The presence of social workers and psychologists at MAHAK causes the children to have happy moments in the golden era of their life which is their childhood and it is only the result of your support and care toward children with cancer and their families. We look forward to the time when Soroush and all the cancer-stricken children recover from this disease.

P.S. The playroom floor was disinfected before the start of the game.