last update: 12-11-2019



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Today is a noisy day in the playroom. Iliya has placed a few toy cars on the table and is waiting eagerly for his friends to join him. Radin and Mohammad Reza joined while holding each other’s hands. They are so excited to see their friends and for the fun they will have. 
A knockout rally called the ‘Playroom Rally Championship’ started without saying a word. They are taking over each other, looping and swooping, zigzagging, and rolling; and try their best to be the champion winner. They tease each other and are so overjoyed that their laughter can be heard in the whole ward.
Radin: “My car is the most beautiful.”
Mohammd Reza: “Mine will pass everyone’s, it is super strong.”
Iliya: “My car is the winner.”
We look forward to see the day on which the championship cars of all MAHAK children pass the finish line of health.