last update: 16-11-2019



You own this news! Do you know what news? The one about health and recovery

Every year this time we hear good news. Our sweet memories of old days of MAHAK get revived and we feel the sweet joy of the days we have been able to pass together. December 28 is MAHAK Cancer Survivors Day and the support of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK has resulted in the recovery of 6000 children from cancer.

There is pain here as there is hardship but we are here to preserve the childhood days and the life quality of our children with your support so that more and more children will regain health and live healthy lives. This day is dedicated to the members of MAHAK's family including MAHAK children, their families and all the supporters. You own all such good news as a result of your constant support.

This year, on the occasion of MAHAK Cancer Survivors Day we are going to read the stories of mothers whose children have recovered from cancer as a result of your support.

Visit our page during the following days to find more about cancer-survivors' stories.