last update: 12-11-2019


Put your hands over your ears and listen to the silence for a few seconds. Not hearing may harden the communication with our surroundings but the people with hearing loss or impairment experience the beauties in the world with their other feelings. MAHAK children also may involve with hearing problems as the side effects of cancer treatments.
MAHAK always strives to maintain the life quality of cancer-stricken children by identifying and assessing the cancer side effects by providing them with necessary treatment and support services. By your ongoing support and contributions, this kind of services is not only accomplished at MAHAK’s audiology clinic but also throughout the country through covering the expenses of regular hearing checkups.
As the observance of 'International Week of Deaf' from September 24 to 30, we appreciate all the individuals and organizations who have the concern of raising awareness and improving the level of treatment and support services for the people with hearing loss or impairment.