last update: 16-11-2019


One of the most important cancer disorders is pain and cancer patients not only suffer from general or regional pain due to tumor invasion into different tissues but also from most of therapeutic and diagnostic methods, such as chemotherapy, radiotherapy, surgery and medications which are inevitable during the treatment process.
By inaugurating the pediatric cancer pain and palliative care unit and cooperating with medical teams’ experts in various fields, MAHAK has striven to provide cancer-stricken children with the best and most qualified treatment services and improve the quality of their life.
MAHAK, according to its mission of offering comprehensive care to cancer-stricken children, has always put its efforts on considering and realizing all aspects affecting their treatment in an efficient and positive way relying on your support and cooperation without which we could have not witnessed these outcomes during all these years of activity.
On “World Hospice and Palliative Care Day” observed on October 14 under the theme of ‘Universal Health Coverage and Palliative Care – Don't leave those suffering behind’, with your presence, we strive to accompany MAHAK children in all stages of their treatment process helping them pass these days with more strength and hope.