last update: 16-11-2019


8th of November has been announced as the ‘International Day of Radiology’ since 2012 based on the day on which Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the existence of x-rays in 1895 with the aim of building greater awareness of the value that radiology holds in providing safe patient care, and understanding of the vital role radiologists play in the healthcare continuum.
On the occasion of International Day of Radiology (IDoR 2017), “Emergency Radiology” has been chosen as the main theme of the day to highlight the important role that radiology plays in this field. MAHAK Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center is also equipped with emergency radiology services in order to facilitate cancer-stricken children’s treatment services.
In addition to emergency radiology services, MAHAK utilizes Open Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Machine to prevent mental or psychological impact due to the fear of tunnel-like MRI machines. Inaccurate imaging as a result of children’s movements has led to the 24/7 presence of anesthesiologists during the imaging process to take actions in case any service provision is required so as to record data with the highest accuracy.
Radiology has a crucial role in diagnosis of various diseases including cancer and ultimately has led to the remission of many patients. MAHAK would like to pay its tribute to all of the specialists, experts and radiologists who have a great role in the process of cancer treatment. We hope to witness the world without cancer in future in the light of scientific advancements.