last update: 13-04-2019



International Standpoint

MAHAK as a nongovernmental organization gained the SGS NGO benchmarking in 2007 that was the first NGO in the Middle East did so. Furthermore, During 2008 and 2009 Ms. Saideh Ghods "MAHAK founder" won awards for women's  contribution in development from International Development Bank (IDB) and from United Nations Women Guild (UNWG) for purchasing hospital equipment. MAHAK’ s achievements were not only limited to these above mentioned awards and Finally in 2011, MAHAK won the GIC standard as well.
In recent years, MAHAK institute has cooperated with international organizations concerning the case of pediatric cancer. The representatives of MAHAK attend the meetings of these organizations annually and exchange information and experiments regarding childhood cancer. These organizations are listed as below:

• International confederation of childhood cancer parent organization (ICCCPO), membership since 2000
• Institute Gustavo Rouse (IGR), joint membership since 2007. In the case of this collaboration, 2 international congresses are presented commonly: “The effect of late treatment of childhood cancer” in 2008 and “The appropriate ways for the treatment of childhood cancer” in 2009
• International network for cancer treatment and research (INCTR) , joint membership since 2009
• A mutually cooperative research contract with the Iranian cancer institute since 2003
• International society for children with cancer (ISCC)
• St. Jude Children research hospital
• Children with Leukemia Foundation in turkey (LÖSEV)
• Union for international cancer control (UICC)

In addition, various joint projects have been completed with institutes as well as internal and international organizations. MAHAK institute has worked on projects with the following institutes and organizations:

• The Iranian cancer institute about the geographical distribution of patients suffering from childhood cancer
• Iran medical science university about the impact of apoptosis induction by Noscapine on lymphoblast cell in  leukemia patients
• Institute Gustavo Rouse about the effect of late treatment of childhood cancer
• CAF in Russia about the childhood cancer
• University of Tehran regarding the investigation of mechanisms regulating emotion and emotional adjustment of children with cancer
Also, over the past few years, representatives of MAHAK have attended conferences, seminars and meetings of the previously mentioned organizations and shown the various activities offered by MAHAK in response to cancer, such as:

• The presentation of “The week of Leukemia” in cooperation with LÖSEV
• Holding joint cultural nights, exhibitions, and circuses in cooperation with foreign embassies in Iran