last update: 12-11-2019


The golden award of the 13th "National Public Relations Festival and the Second Specialized Congress of Content Development in the Public Relations" was dedicated to MAHAK.
In this festival two thousand works in 33 branches and 10 sections in the field of public relations journals were scrutinized. The presented works of MAHAK to this festival received the first rank in the fields of reporting and story-telling and the second rank in the field of photography based on the evaluation indicators of the jury and experts in the field of public relations. In the same vein the golden award of this event was dedicated to MAHAK.
We at MAHAK pay tribute to the public relations experts and believe that such successes are results of the cooperation between different groups with different specialties who work together to achieve their common goals. Therefore, we always strive to provide the highest level of treatment and support services to cancer-stricken children throughout the country by utilizing the most up to date international standards. Participation in such events is also aimed at continuous assessment of the organization's performance in various sectors in order to ensure that its benefactors help their children to be properly funded. MAHAK participates in such events to have its performance in different sections evaluated in order to be sure that the donations of the benefactors are utilized to support children with cancer in an optimal and proper way.