last update: 16-11-2019


On the occasion of the World Breastfeeding Week, Dr. Azim Mehrvar, hematologist and oncologist and head of MAHAC Pediatric Cancer Treatment and Research Center (MPCTRC) had an interview with MAHAK'S Public and International Relations Department.
Breast milk is a factor which can prevent babies from infectious and viral diseases. Breastfed babies have a stronger immune system in comparison to other ones and can easily recover after receiving treatment for severe illnesses. Dr. Mehrvar about the impact of breast milk on cancer prevention and treatment stated: "First, I should point out that genetics, in comparison to other factors, has a greater role in children's being stricken by cancer and the effect of breastfeeding cannot be ignored in cancer treatment. However, it should be noted that accurate statistics are not available on the strength of breastfed children against cancer."
Head of MAHAK Hospital pointed out the advantages of breastfeeding and added:" The main benefit of breast milk is that no external factors interfere in producing it and the baby can digest it easily. As a result the percentage of infection in breastfed babies is very low."
Dr. Mehrvar added a point about choosing a suitable substitute for breast milk and said:" Currently no suitable substitutes have been defined for breast milk. Therefore, it is advised that even mothers who are not in good physical conditions, should use appropriate medications so that they will be able to breastfeed their children.
MAHAK strives to plan and invest in preventive education and raising awareness toward changing the lifestyles to the ones with healthy living standards in order to have an effective role in reducing the rate of pediatric cancer in the country. By doing scientific researches on discovery of the causes of the disease, diagnostic methods, prevention and new methods of treatment, MAHAK tries to deliver the message to this community which emphasizes the fact that by changing the point of views toward cancer, health and prevention is not far off.