last update: 15-11-2019


A ceremony was held at MAHAK with the presence of cancer-stricken children. In this celebration which is held annually with the cooperation of the support services department and MAHAK's volunteers, game stations and painting tables were prepared for the children in addition to the presence of a musical band.
MAHAK strives to enhance the life quality of cancer-stricken children by holding events which aim to create happy and exciting moments for them and their families. This issue is being focused on the condition that each day 6 new cases of children with cancer join MAHAK and providing the best treatment and support services in an integrated way is the mission of MAHAK.
Exciting Events for the Children
From the time of children's entrance, the hall was decorated with colorful balloons. In the hall there were game stations such as table football and basketball rings which excited the children for which they could have a great time. The volunteers competed with the children in different groups and the winners would receive special ice creams as their prize. On the other side of the hall there were painting tables for the children to be able to paint or draw whatever their minds could imagine.
Welcoming the New Academic Year with the Presence of Volunteer Teachers
In this ceremony the children announced their eagerness toward the beginning of the academic year along with the volunteer teachers. The volunteer teachers, instruct and teach the children in every ward throughout the academic year so that they won't be away from the routines during their days in treatment and in order to prepare the children to wait for the future with great hope. At the end of this day, MAHAK children together with their family and friends recorded the memory of the warm summer days with the hope of starting an academic year full of success.
We, at MAHAK, appreciate all the volunteers and benefactors and hope that with the contributions of all the members of the ever-expanding family of MAHAK, the best treatment and support services will be provided to our children so that they will never forget their childhood and happiness throughout the treatment process. We hope to celebrate the recovery of all MAHAK children in future.