last update: 16-11-2019



He put the bowl of seeded pomegranate on the table with lots of difficulty. He had told everyone that he would decorate the table for the winter solstice celebration on his own and with his own little hands. His father kissed his hand and said: “Dear, you can't move these many heavy dishes on your own.”


"I can! You told me I'm very strong and I am defeating my disease" he said and added: "So I can decorate the table, too." Everyone smiled and remained silent and let him go on. His presence at home to decorate the table for the Yalda Night had made this celebration the best celebration ever for his family.  Tonight many children celebrated Yalda at hospitals. We wish the next Yalda all the cancer-stricken children will be staying at home in full health. Stay with MAHAK to make this wish come true.