last update: 16-11-2019



Some stories are so intriguing for the children which remain in their memories forever.One of these stories is the story of Santa Claus who comes from faraway lands to give gifts to the children and make them happy in cold winter days. On the occasion of the New Year, just like every year, Santa and Mrs. Claus came to MAHAK and brought gifts for the children and spread joy and happiness in the hospital and the residential center.


"Mohammad Ebrahim, who had come to the residential center by hearing the bell rung by Santa told us that he had just seen him in cartoons and was waiting to get a present. In addition, "Mahya" is one of MAHAK children who has learned to play the guitar with the help of an art therapy volunteer. This lovely girl played a happy song along with the musician who was accompanying Santa and Mrs. Claus and enjoyed spending time with them.


We wish all MAHAK children will become successful in the path of defeating their diseases just like Santa becomes successful in delivering the gifts he brings from faraway lands to all the children. Our children need your companionship to win the battle against their diseases and are happy you never leave them alone.